You Were There

When I was alone,

Reliving scenes from shattered dreams-

You came to comfort me

And help mend the broken seams.

When I was angry,

And couldn’t convince myself to be calm

You were there,

Your presence, your words a healing balm.

When, in my confusion,

I could not find a place to start-

You were there to tell me

The answer was in my heart.

When I was down,

You gave me a brass angel to snuff out a candle’s light.

You told me it carried a horn both to extinguish the flame

And to announce the coming of one more bright.

Yes, a new life has come,

One that’s brighter than before-

A new life that without you, my friend,

May never have been born.


  1. Nancy Hildebrandt on August 13, 2023 at 3:08 pm

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