Wind Power

The wind blew this morning

Trumpeting a chaotic melody

It savaged loudly against the walls

And danced through the electrical lines

Blinking the lights inside the building

As it toyed with our emotions.

A shriveled old man stood smoking

Against the wall of the Laundromat

Cursing in a loud and angry voice.

But the voice could not be heard-

The words were torn away

Like the smoke that jettisoned

From between his chapped lips.

Next door to the Laundromat

Gamblers scurried in and out of the casino-

Losers, hands jammed deep into their pockets,

Heads bent over like unsuccessful hunters,

Returning home with nothing for the pot.

The sole winner clutched his money as if

The unseen force would rip it from his hands.

On a row of hills, a couple of miles away,

The windmills had stopped turning-

Too much wind for them today.

The lights flickered once again

Then blinked out as the line between us

And the power plant snapped.

The winners at the casino

Suddenly stopped winning and

The losers stopped losing,

The machines in the Laundromat

Stopped churning their loads-

Only the man against the wall outside

Continued, smoking and cursing

While the roaring in our ears

Reminded us of a power

We constantly challenge

With winning expectations.

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