Rants in the Pants, Episode 23- Death by Taxes

Tick, tick, tick. The deadline approaches. You can’t help but think of how penalties or jail time might be in your future. Did you do everything legal the past couple of years? Because if you didn’t, Artificial Intelligence will spot it and some of those newly hired IRS agents, armed with their M-16s and 1 million rounds of ammunition, will come knocking at your door. The sweat streams down your forehead and breaks out on your hands making them slippery as you try to think: where did I put those documents proving my expenses? Will they actually shoot a taxpayer who is out of compliance? How many years in prison is it for not crossing a “T”?

This yearly ritual of fear and frustration separates the adults from the kids and the weak from the strong. There has never been a study on it, but I would submit that heart attacks and strokes go up this time of year due to the stress of filling out the IRS forms. Of course you can just sign everything over with the EZ form. That’s a good choice to avoid a heart attack if you don’t have write-offs or can afford them gutting your bank account. Paying someone to do it eases the pain, but you still need to pay them and get all the paperwork in order for them to do their job. The tax assistance software you can rent online is great if you are pretty good at internet tech and able to get through it without a glitch. No matter how you do it, you are responsible for what is on that form and for many of you, your bank account is going to be lighter than it was.

When I first started paying taxes, I was happy to do it. They taught us in school that the taxes our parents paid went to roads, health care, schools, good projects meant to make the lives of people easier. After a few rides around the block, I figured that this was a bunch of baloney. Especially since on one of those rides, I lost my VW to a pothole. I was lucky to escape. Rather than pull it out, the heavily damaged little car was used for filler and covered with gravel. Poor thing! In any case, it became clear that my taxes weren’t being used for what I was told.

We pay a lot of taxes to both state and federal governments. Some taxes are given fancy names, so we won’t notice like, “user’s fees,” “licenses”,” “permits,” “fines.” These go for things like drivers’ licenses, fishing and hunting licenses, contractor’s licenses, entry to parks and other federal or state facilities, document searches and copies of documents, and it goes on. We also pay income taxes, most of us to both state and federal, and Medicare and Social Security taxes. Some of us pay sales taxes on purchases. Then there are property taxes, car purchase tax, car registration, and parking permits. We can’t forget the special taxes such as alcohol and tobacco taxes, phone and utility taxes, as well as gas taxes and tolls on bridges and roads. You are taxed every time you earn something and almost every time you spend. It’s enough to make me wonder why I go to work.

What are our taxes going for? Well, the small stuff includes studying the sex life of newts, amenities and travel for Congress and other elected officials who also could be classified as slimy amphibians, trans tolerance programs both at home and abroad, illegal immigrant perks, population control (which can also be read, “control of the population,) and a plethora of other programs that have nothing to do with our health or safety. They spend more money on other programs such as Medicare, Social Security, and such. At the top of the list, though, with many of the expenses it incurs hidden from us, is war. We are at war with Russia, Hezbollah, Syria, and terrorists, wherever they may be. It might be mentioned that many of the terror groups abroad were started by our black ops department for one lame reason or another. It might also be added that you, and American citizen, have been declared to be a terrorist. In addition, there are powerful factions in the government who would like a war with Iran, Venezuela, and China. The last one is so ridiculous! If we had a war with China, where would we get all our stuff? Obviously, no one in charge thinks these things through.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that we, the voters, need to put an end to this before our nation crumbles like Mafia concrete in an earthquake.

Flash! News bulletin:  Congress is considering balancing the budget by charging a tax on breathing, but just hasn’t figured out how to do it. Lord help us if they figure it out.


  1. Paul D on April 4, 2024 at 12:49 pm

    Qualifier: My following statement only applies to federal taxes. You are correct when you deduced that your taxes were not going to pay for public needs, Ira. Though we still get told this lie.

    Taxes are deleted upon receipt by the federal government. State and local governments, though, do use tax dollars to fund policies and projects. The difference is that the federal government is the issuer of money. The money issuer can never run out of money. New money is created on a spreadsheet accounts with each funding legislation. Money collected through taxes is deleted from the spreadsheet or destroyed if paid with currency. This applies to social security. Users do not pay for social security. It is all accounted for on a spreadsheet. The only reason for the FICA tax is to provide folks with the “feeling” that they are contributing to the system. How can the government run out of money if it creates the currency? The federal deficit are responsible for people’s savings.

    The National Debt is a hoax, too.

    As I mentioned, the above only applies to the currency issuer. The states and local governments are currency users just like you and me. They operate on taxes collected and federal funding. The state and local governments and you and I need to balance our budgets. The feds do not. The feds just need to pass legislation.

    SO why is the federal important important? The federal budget identifies the spending priorities of the government. It is obvious to me that the priorities are not the American people because the government spends mostly on satisfying corporate goals.

    I recommend reading that everyone read Stephanie Kelton’s book, The Deficit Myth.

    • Ira White on April 5, 2024 at 7:43 am

      I suppose in most respects about the federal government you are correct. However, when more money is printed, the money you are holding is worth less. Also, the federal government does not print or create the money. A group of banksters called The Fed but not a part of the government actually creates the money. And yes, of course, they play the game to their own benefit and that of the large corporations they are partners with and not the American people.

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