Rants in the Pants, Episode 12- Banned and not Banned

My bowels got in an uproar shortly after I got up this morning. No, it wasn’t the chile verde I ate too much of last night. (Damn it was good. I’ve spent 10 years refining the recipe and now it’s so good it embarrasses Mexican cooks). No, what got my loins to burning was the act of banning. Now some things are good to ban such as arsenic in cream puffs, rape, murder, theft, smoking in a fireworks factory, etc. It just makes sense to ban these things.

Already certain words have been banned on the internet as well as complete books banned from all venues. Misgendering has been banned and in one state it carries a five-year jail sentence. They almost got away with banning a bump stock for my 44 magnum because they said it would make it too dirty of a Harry. The point is that a lot of stuff has been banned already. However, recently there has been a wave of bans that boggle my mind.

 I have two lists below. One is what has been banned and one is what has not. I know that my readers are sharp, so I’m leaving it up to you to determine what these lists say about bans and what is going on in general.


  1. California has banned the sale of gas-powered vehicles starting in 2026.
  2. California is also banning gas powered trimmers, edgers, lawnmowers etc.
  3. The federal government is banning gas stoves in new homes.
  4. Federal ban on cash for entry to national parks.
  5. Federal ban on single use plastic containers in national parks.
  6. Federal ban on the sale and manufacture of incandescent light bulbs.


  1. Limousines
  2. Yachts
  3. Personal jet aircraft
  4. Owning multiple mansions
  5. Government lying to their people
  6. Industry leaders and government officials lying to Congress
  7. Debanking people for their opinions

Now this is not an all-inclusive list and there is one item I omitted that burns my shorts and that is that I have been banned from owning a Stinger missile and a tactical nuke for my personal protection. Seriously, folks, the most important thing they want to ban is freedom of speech through censorship, shadow banning, demonetizing and deplatforming. We should all be concerned about this above all else. Remember, censorship is just a way of hiding what they don’t want known.


  1. Paul Daniello on October 14, 2023 at 1:21 pm

    My bowels got in an uproar shortly after I read this Rant in the Pants.

    • Ira White on October 14, 2023 at 8:31 pm

      That’s good. We all need to have our bowels roaring. Now take some Malox and get back out there and protest.

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