Moonsilk Madness



       Away in the night I whisk you

Far from human habitation

To a cliff where the restless ocean 

Serves as a percussion section

Wagner would have died for

And the crickets and cicadas

Bow and pluck their strings

While frogs sing like woodwinds.

As the symphony orchestra performs

We dance beneath the night sky.

The moon peeks over the mountain range

And as it rises the moonbeams caress you

Like strands of silk softening your appearance

To match the feel of your velvet skin

So that when I hold you close

I feel I am embracing a warm cloud.

The orchestra’s tempo is increased

The moon soars higher and the stars twirl above us.

I kiss your neck, intoxicated with your scent,

Then gaze into your eyes glinting in the surreal light.

Inside me emotions rise like molten lava

Pushing to escape a volcano’s throat

But all that bursts out is,

“It may be moon silk madness, baby-

I couldn’t love anyone but you.”
You smile gently, knowingly.

The orchestra pauses for a beat-

Just long enough for you to pull me closer

Because you like what I said.

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