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Where Does Your Food Come From? Part 2 Backayard Gardens

By Ira White / March 4, 2024 /

Backyard gardens have gone from a necessity to a hobby and now are maligned by certain people we will call, “globalists.” Claims that backyard gardening has a carbon footprint 5 times greater than commercial growing have been published along with a lot of other rubbish, as if the amount of carbon you make growing plants…

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Where Does Your Food Come From? Part 1

By Ira White / February 8, 2024 /

Part 1 Since I have spent a number of years at various levels of food production and preparation, I thought I would share some of my experiences and thoughts about our food supply. I lived in farming areas part of my life and have known many farmers and heard about their problems and triumphs. In…

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How Good Are Your Groceries

By Ira White / January 30, 2024 /

What has changed about our food and how can we shape its future?

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Are Your Chops Happy?

By Ira White / December 31, 2023 /

Are Your Chops Happy? Ira L. White I like to buy my meat locally and it’s nice when one can also visit the farms where it is raised. I am both a customer and friends with folks at the two farms I am about to mention. My first trip to Feld Farms was incredible. They…

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Ractopamine In Your Food

By Ira White / December 10, 2023 /

There is an additive to animal feed that many are unaware of. There is no required mention of it on food labels. There is controversy over its use. It is currently restricted in 160 nations in the world. So, is it safe? I will present what I have found, and you can decide for yourself.…

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