We Won't Forget You, Mr. McGillicuddy

Book cover We Won't Forget You Mr. McGillicuddy

Gil McGillicuddy is a WWII vet with dementia. Robert, his oldest son, is a blogger on the internet who cares for his dad as Gil takes the long slide into the land of forgetfulness. When Robert's oldest daughter becomes pregnant and the baby's father turns to meth and violent behavior, Robert convinces her and her preteen daughter to move into his home a thousand miles away.

Robert's radical blogging continues along with his efforts to help his family. His history of radicalism stretches back to his antiwar days at Berkeley in the sixties. In those days, he was responsible for outing an FBI informant in the midst of his antiwar group. The way this came down destroyed the informant's future plans. Now, over 40 years later, the man, Fedder, works as a floor manager for a security firm that is contracted out to the NSA to find radical bloggers.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold, very cold."

Fedder quietly stalks his unwary quarry with the intent of getting his revenge while Robert continues to deal with the problems of his family including the worsening of Gil's dementia.

formats: Kindle, paperback

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formats: Kindle, paperback

Book cover Enchanted Shores