Bird Flu- What You Need to Know

The headlines are filling up with reports of bird flu. Positive tests have resulted in 28 million chickens culled. Bird flu is showing up in cattle. More testing has revealed goats, sheep, dogs, cats, and even dolphins have tested positive. Herds of cattle are slated to be euthanized. Warnings have been put out to avoid raw milk or any milk product that is not heat processed. People are warned to avoid any contact with birds or anyone who is around birds. We are being assured a vaccine that will save us is on the way. In the meantime, don’t eat meat, put on your mask and be afraid. Don’t remember that a papaya and a goat tested positive for COVID and the person who initiated the test, an African leader, died of cardiac arrest after this reveal.

Before I go any further, I will present my credentials. I am not a scientist, but I have studied science. I am not a doctor, but I do read a lot about health and disease. I grew up in farm country and worked in the fields. My family had a meat cutting business. I have a college education and worked in several food related industries including  a  short time as a cook at Campbell’s Soup and 24 years of inspecting food for the USDA with more than half of it as an Inspector in Charge. The main qualification is that I have a brain and can think. You can think, too.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. That is the message we are getting while they kill off our food supply to ready us for the bugs to grace our plates. Actually, this scamdemic is coming at us from several directions with far reaching implications.

Let’s talk about culling first. If we cull every bird that tests positive, we are doing a disservice to evolution as well as to all the animals we kill. If we follow the progression of killing any chicken flock that we suspect has the bird flu, then we will have to kill off most of the chickens. It won’t stop there because we have ducks, geese, quail and other commercial birds to deal with. How about wild birds? Are we going to kill all of them off too just to be sure? Cattle have tested positive and are presently being killed. Other species that are now testing positive will also have to be eliminated: cats, dogs, dolphins. If we continue this much further, there won’t be any other animals on the planet besides us.

But thankfully, we have a vaccine they have been working on but probably haven’t tested on humans and we can stop bird flu in its tracks; just like the last vaccine stopped COVID. This is insane. The vaccines will encourage new variants s they did with COVID that might be more lethal and more contagious. If we let nature take its course and use any available methods to help sick birds, that is, assuming there really is a disease, some animals will survive and develop immunity. There will be mutations, but in a natural cycle those mutations will become more easily spread but less and less lethal.

Now let us examine the testing. The test they are using is a PCR test, invented by Nobel prize winner, Kary Mullis, who, before he suffered an untimely death in 2019, made a video in which he explained that Fauci is a liar and the PCR test Mullis invented was not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool. He also said that some people with an agenda might use it for that purpose, but it would not be legitimate. In addition, the PCR made it to court in Portugal where it was declared, “not fit for purpose” with the purpose being diagnosis. There you have it. There might not even be a disease at all because these positives they are getting with the PCR test are most likely false positives of what we don’t know. In any case, it is clear that we are being scammed.

Why would someone do this? Control the food supply and you will control the world. Our friend and mentor Klaus Schwab, whose father was a Nazi officer and a proponent of eugenics, would like us to “eat zee bugs.” Culling more poultry, beef cattle and any other animal being raised for food would definitely go a long way toward his and the New World Order’s agenda. If you don’t know about the war on the food supply, then you must have missed the hundreds of food processing plants that have gone up in flames in the past couple of years. Having been in a multitude of these plants, I know that their construction consists mostly of steel, aluminum, concrete, and FRP (fire resistant plastic). Think about that for a moment. In addition, trains loaded with products such as fertilizer have derailed and factories that support the food industry with packaging and other essentials have also gone up in smoke. Add to that the fact that Bill Gates, whose parents were into eugenics, and the Communist Party of China have become the largest farmland owners in the country with a big question as to why they are buying so much and why we are letting them.

The next obvious thing to be aware of is lockdowns. If the bird flu is killing people like the COVID did, they will have to lock us down again and mask us up. This will make it easy for the control freaks behind all of this to control us and keep us in our place all the while reducing the population of humans on the planet. Eugenics. Look it up. If it weren’t so destructive, it would be downright funny that people would go along with the masks and lockdowns despite there being evidence they are more destructive than helpful. The social distancing which Fauci testified in Congress the other day that he pulled out of his ass has not been shown to be effective through experimentation at all either.  

Now here’s a thought many people haven’t taken into consideration- all of our regular vaccines are made using eggs. What are they going to do when they can’t get eggs because the egg layers have been eliminated? Well, it just so happens they have this mRNA product they call a vaccine but is actually a DNA therapy. Roll up your sleeve and get one of these! They want us all vaccinated, not for our health, but for their own plans. Who are they? The richest people on the planet who also grew up in rich families that spouted the disgraced eugenics movement several decades ago. These extraordinarily rich families own the planet. They own our government, the media, most of the means of production, the banks and control over the money supply. If you don’t think they are the culprits, just look at the winners and losers over the past few years. Follow the money. You and I have lost. They have raked in record profits.

The bottom line is that the bird flu is being used to force us into compliance with their agenda. Do not mask up. Do not comply with their rules to “keep us safe.” Above all, do not allow them to inject you with their “vaccine.”

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